Wednesday, June 11, 2008


.....Environmental Reality ((E-R)) is DLK'S ((Daniel L Kasper's)) technological exploratory ---Word and Big Bang Creation and Creator united--- Consciousness Thermal Rift Time-Stream descriptive--definitive scientific established realization joined understanding of Man's cosmic developmental reality-actuality Universe...
.....That is Man's multiple Reality State biological -genetic- epi-genetic BEC Particle Wave Consciousness Time-Stream --Life Line thermal peculiar-- LIFE FORCE body -brain- mind and soul ESTABLISHED English language derived DESCRIPTIVE--DEFINITIVE term-word UNDERSTANDING OF universal conscious cosmic looped planetary networked timely and timeless developmental ACTUALITY.
.....Therefore for those whom might rationally wonder why the following ---DLK Thermal Rift "Time-Stream Consciousness" technological ((SECRET)) environmental exploratory--- offered English language definitive usage derived or and as otherwise discovery accomplished word -term- descriptive blog understandings here established--within are not found in Humanities standard Dictionaries or and Encyclopedias...
.....Recognizing that --right correct misleading or absolutely wrong-- Dictionaries -Encyclopedias- function within as be status-quo usage definitive set by Mankind's generic common box of timely accepted or and acceptable proven social word -term- general use spread understanding-s --- in sharp contrast to Real Men -Women- whom rationale rationally frequently test challenge and redefine their own experiential forged ~perspective established~ reality understanding...
.....And so THUS in this light --- OFFERED HERE -presented here- IS Real and True Acknowledged MAN'S "Thermal Rift" descriptive Consciousness Time-Stream definitive [TOE ((Theory of Everything))] environmental --verified and verifiable-- TECHNOLOGICAL PROVEN REALITY UNDERSTANDING:
1. DLK's scientific and theological rationale unite-able universal life line ((REALITY LINE)) BEC PARTICLE WAVE multiple Reality State CONSCIOUSNESS TIME-STREAM understanding of Man's realization acknowledged Word -Big Bang- Black Hole and or otherwise Creator-Creation descriptive timely--timeless definitive COSMIC UNIVERSE.
2. Man's ((FUNDAMENTAL REAL -- ESSENTIAL TRUE)) universal life line Reality Line --multiple Reality State-- THERMAL FOURTH DIMENSIONAL cosmic descriptive Environmental-Reality...
.....Consciousness Time-Stream shaped --thermally-- by as set into The Probable (Real Time) Reality State --The Real Time Reality State-- and the Real Time Reality Set State --- which nature--naturally are sandwiched by as within an Absolute Zero THIRD DIMENSIONAL COSMIC Pure Consciousness ~~PERSPECTIVE~~ ENVIRONMENT DESCRIPTIVE ---BEC Particle Wave Reality Creation ('NOW') Transition State definitive--- rationale--rationalized Reality construct.
3. A theological Fundamental (timely) Real Essential (timeless) True ---historic environmental-reality reflective--- exploration realization foundational recognized acknowledgment of Mankind's cosmic developmental ((dark--Light [environmental confusion misnamed Super Atom] theoretic)) THIRD DIMENSIONAL conceptualized "Beginning" Creation understanding-s.
4. A modern epi-genetic technological verified realization understanding of Man's Absolute Zero Creation-Creator life line Reality Line Consciousness Time-Steam continual continuous developmental ~~perspective all-together past present and future probability established~~ cosmic developmental Environmental Establishment.
5. An Absolute Zero COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS STREAM DEVELOPMENTAL Bose-Einstein Condensate THIRD DIMENSIONAL SUPER ATOM E=mc(squared) matter energy BEC-particle DLK (Daniel L Kasper) universal life line Reality Line ---brainbody--Mindbody Time Line [T-L]--- THERMAL multiple Phase Transition State relationship established understanding of Man's Mindbody Life Line functional actuality set cosmic environmental reality.
6. A universal [brainbody BLMC] life line Reality Line multiple Reality State ---cosmic Absolute Zero zoned temperate established--- understanding of Man's Real and True ((Past -Present- and Probable developmental [future] established or and set and Establishment Set)) Environmental-Reality...
.....THIS BEING MAN'S REAL TIME REALITY STATE --Time Line-- focus established ~~cosmic environmental Flatworld science --eternal temperate mistaken-- _HERE_ assumptive perspective~~ Consciousness Time-Stream 'NOW' Mindbody realization and understanding recognizable technology verified TOTAL COMPLETE UNIVERSE.
1. A technological acknowledgment of Man's Consciousness developmental Time-Stream Life Line memory field activation descriptive definitive --Life Force organ united-- mind and body.
2. A life line Reality Line whole total Life Force body system referenced approach to understanding Man's planetary genetic cosmic epi-genetic Life Line -(probable Life Line)- multiple memory field Consciousness Activated Memory Vehicle established complex developmental Mind.
3. A biological technological reference to Man's individual Life Force Life Line environmental fractional Reality Line ((fRL)) functional multiple mind-set ((developmental Mind Set)) minds.
4. A Thermal Rift --universal life line Reality Line perpetual Consciousness environment-- understood recognition of (Man's) multiple reality state developmental cosmic Mindbody Mind.
5. A Human animal's Base Line --Real Time Reality Line-- Real Time Reality State environmental-reality conscious functional biological nature established natural Consciousness Activated Memory Vehicle.
6. REFERENCE TO INDIVIDUAL MAN'S Primary Mind and Real Time Reality Line Mind Mix Mind and Secondary Mind Life Line --conscious united-- Consciousness biological planetary field LIFE FORCE ESTABLISHED cosmic developmental COMPLEX MIND.
1. True Man's technological acknowledged 'Slower than-then Light Speed' biological survival process brainbody Life Line memory field ~upstream downstream Real Time Reality Line perspective~ Time Line Time-Stream --universal life line Reality Line-- Base Line environmental Memory Field Life Force Mindbody reinforced Consciousness Activated Memory Vehicle.
2. Visual Real Time Reality State reference to True (i.e. FenRick) Man's ((biological engineered suspect)) brainbody.
1. Man's brainbody Base Line Memory Core Life Line probable Life Line memory field --- Life Force memory field genetic--epi-genetic ((double-helix timely and timeless)) established descriptive soul.
2. MAN'S --Thermal Rift perpetual Consciousness streaming environment understood-- Human brainbody functional --UNIVERSAL life line MULTIPLE REALITY STATE-- life and lifetime force and field development descriptive establishment DEFINITIVE CONSCIOUSNESS ACTIVATED MEMORY VEHICLE.
3. Man's individual established cosmic universal Consciousness Time-Stream life line (multiple Reality Line) Time Line multiple reality state --developmental Life Force embodied-- environmental-reality.
4. An out of body --'now' _here_ fractional Reality Line-- Life Force genetic epi-genetic -(Real Time Reality State)- disembodied brainbody ((Manbody)) Time Line descriptive ghostly energy field manifestation.
5. A technological fractional Reality Line descriptive established definitive understanding of ghost.
6. MANKIND'S individual -[human DNA-genetic double-helix epi-genetic]- brainbody BLMC-LLmf ((Base Line Memory Core -- Life Line memory field)) ---CEMP ((Consciousness Emotion Memory Personality)) pLL-LL ((probable Life Line -- Life Line)) Life Force generated planetary field-force projected--- cosmic -(multiple Mind-Set --looped-- multiple reality state)- Consciousness Time Stream multiple--memory--field relationship developmental...
.....NATURAL Environmental-Reality life line universal Reality Line CONSCIOUSNESS ACTIVATED MEMORY [CAM] RTRL ((Real Time Reality Line)) Base Line FUNCTIONAL fundamental downstream ESSENTIAL upstream --definitive technological-- recognizable foundation of if not DESCRIPTIVE SOUL.
7. Man's Time Line identified ---Life Force streaming ((looped)) fractional accumulated mind-set thought and experience by fractional mind-set thought and experience--- probable Life Line Life Line conscious established universal cosmic actuality existence.
8. REAL AND TRUE MAN'S timely and timeless brainbody developmental [---gestalt willful determination and responsibility CEMP ((Consciousness Emotion Memory Personality)) development personalized---] FREE WILL probable and actual ACKNOWLEDGED life and lifetime LIFE LINE genetic and epi-genetic ((-Life Force-)) nature natural Reality Network ((networked)) PLANETARY RELATIONSHIP ESTABLISHED COSMIC IMMORTALITY...
.....Here-now as now-here conceptualized foundation to if not of Man's multi-cultural religious Life Line identified descriptive soul.
1. Natural ((Real Time Reality State)) E=mc(squared) CAM=T ~[BEC]~ downstream--upstream brainbody Life Force -[BLMC-LL-LLmf technological]- identified "Cosmic Absolute Zero" perpetual Time Stream [T-S] thermal looped CREATION ENERGY -[and resultant thus all cosmic Thermal Rift Particle Wave energy--matter]- IGNORANTLY (Flatworld --technologically-- blindly) REFERRED TO AS DARK MATTER.
2. Real Time Reality State ~~past-present-future PERSPECTIVE~~ multiple reality state nature-natural Absolute Zero ---Reality Creation ('NOW') Transition State Essential Fundamental Universe environment descriptive--- life line Reality Line Time-Stream perpetual thermal BEC Particle Wave Time Line memory field developmental conscious activator identified foundation of and to Creation Energy.
3. Environmental-Reality [E-R] brainbody--Mindbody planetary Reality Network [-BLMC-LLmf--RTRL ~perspective~ upstream--downstream-] BEC-particle wave fractional Reality Line multiple Reality State--Reality Line thermal half-life energy -loop- force and flow Time-Stream [T-S] descriptive universal ((life line definitive)) Life Force FIELD identified memory and memory field thought activator.
4. The nature-natural life line Reality Line Time-Stream FUNDAMENTAL ESSENTIAL cosmic developmental identified fractional Reality Line [fRL] foundation of and to all energy and so all matter.
5. UNIVERSAL Time-Stream [T-S] half-life multiple environment Reality State conditional ---universal life line ((Reality Line)) descriptive definitive--- nature--natural conscious awareness enlivened FOUNDATION TO AND OF perpetual ABSOLUTE ZERO CREATION wave -FIELD- loop -force- and flow containment ESTABLISHED DEVELOPMENTAL MIND.
6. Nature natural cosmic environment foundation to and of biological Life Force looped and or otherwise force field energized memory field mind-set developmental Mind Set established conscious MIND.
7. True and Real Relationship--Understanding environment descriptive conscious awakened awareness definitive actuality.
8. The life line Reality Line foundational --universe-- entirety of all that be real --probable real-- and developmental actuality awareness Establishment Set.
9. Man's universal fractional Reality Line [fRL] ---multiple Reality State Reality Line [RL]--- CAMV ((Consciousness Activated Memory Vehicle)) natural Life Force energized environment peculiar Life Line (and) life line memory-field thought -[i.e. mind-set looped Mind Set (("conscious")) awareness]- activator.
10. Reference to a 'Flatworld Reality' ((Real Time Reality State -- Real Time Reality Line)) brain mind and body environmental Time Line {Twentieth Century} life and lifetime conscious developmental focused ===outdated Dictionary dictatorial=== archaic technological scientific established understanding of Man's True and Real HISTORIC REALIZATION ESTABLISHED _here_ timely 'now' timeless solar and planetary and cosmic actuality existence.
11. Technological ((Real Time Reality State -- Real Time Reality Line)) Thermal Rift exploratory life line Reality Line environmental ---Absolute Zero BEC-particle wave Time-Stream identified cosmic thermal loop experimentation--- established perpetual Creation Energy {if not force and field functional theoretic TOE ((Theory of Everything))} viable foundation to and of cosmic developmental Universal Reality ((i.e. God Mind)).
1. THE ONE and only cosmic complete -whole- TOTAL ALL INCLUSIVE --- timely and timeless Consciousness descriptive --- environmental-reality DEFINITIVE REALITY LINE.
2. An all inclusive -(Flatworld)- fourth dimensional realization established developmental understanding of or and fifth dimensional reference to all the -various and varying- tangible and intangible ---time --space-- matter -energy- matter-energy and energy-matter ((including so-called anti-matter and Dark Matter))--- presences -flows- fields -holes- waves -forces- stresses -streams- mind-set and Mind Set manifestations -- etc.
3. The complete system of all things that exist --- Reality Line separable into four Consciousness environment distinct states of reality actuality: The Real Time Reality Set State --The Real Time Reality State-- The Probable -(individual ~upstream perspective~ probable Life Line REAL TIME developmental)- Reality State and The Reality Creation (-'NOW'-) Transition State.
4. Mankind's --(LIFE'S)-- developmental cradle.
5. A universal life line ((Reality Line)) Consciousness Thermal Rift looped ---fractional Reality Line and multiple Reality Line--- multiple Reality State Time-Stream environmental realization (-joined if not united-) understanding of Man and Mankind's descriptive Time Line definitive conscious developmental planetary cosmic establishment.
6. Life's Absolute Zero Consciousness Thermal Rift descriptive technological discovered --verified and verifiable established-- realization joined understanding of Man's essential timeless fundamental timely environmental REALITY...
..... [---Which Humanities science and religious divided Flatworlders ((like fish in the ocean who can't conceive of the vacuum above called space)) commonly -dismiss- twist or and thoughtlessly ignorantly misunderstand without any serious environmental or technological consideration -or- elementary logical Consciousness understanding---].
~~~Note: THAT WITHIN THIS MY ((DLK'S)) WORK --- REALIZATION IMPLIES my own --and too Real ACKNOWLEDGED MAN'S-- nature natural conscious --"Consciousness"-- connection to the Creation if not the Creator --or and-- Man's ((separate -joined- divided and united)) developmental FREE WILL timely timeless TIME-STREAM EXPLORATORY enlightened TECHNOLOGICAL UNDERSTANDING of Creation --reality-- environment and actuality.
1. To comprehend if not understand.
2. A perceived reality determination and or committed perspective configured reality insight.
3. To developmentally acknowledge -accept- shape or make real.
4. Perspective rationale or and rational established reality.
1. A connection to the Creation if not the Creator.
2. A connection to the Creator if not the Creation.
3. Man's Free Will potential ~individual perspective~ recognized and or unrecognized connection to Creation or and Creator.
4. To rationale--rationally understand ((realize)) with perspective developmental clarity.
1. An environmental ~~perspective~~ developmental determination.
2. To comprehend as in rationale or rationally developmentally follow.
3. To recognize -accept- or grasp the nature -significance- or and explanation of something.
4. To infer a belief or accept as plausible ---a truth or fact--- without utter certainty.
1. An individual or shared individual developmental realization.
2. A brainbody--Mindbody individual or shared individual understanding of developMENTAL ACTUALITY.
3. A Base Line life line -lifetime- [LLmf CEMP CAMV] multiple fractional memory field [fractional mind-set] MULTIPLE CONSCIOUSNESS ENERGY STATE peculiar MEMORY FIELD [Mind Set] REALIZATION UNDERSTANDING OF Mankind's Physical-Social cultural individual -(separate -joined- divided and united)- CONSCIOUS -SUBCONSCIOUS- UNCONSCIOUS cosmic awareness developmental UNIVERSAL ACTUALITY existence.
4. The Consciousness quality and state-s of being real.
5. The totality of multiple --Consciousness State-- essential fundamental -[brainbody BLMC-LLmf Mindbody]- environmental conscious developmental established existence.
6. Man's multiple Energy State multiple memory field CONSCIOUSNESS DEVELOPMENTAL foundational universal life line ~~PERSPECTIVE~~ ENVIRONMENTAL ACTUALITY.
7. An E=mc(squared) energy--matter BEC Particle Wave scientific established technological UNDERSTANDING OF Man's nature natural cosmic universal life line environmental [compacted energy -force field constrained energy- and free flowing energy] CONSCIOUSNESS THERMAL ENVIRONMENT ENERGIZED ACTUALITY EXISTENCE.
8. AN E=mc(squared) matter equals (((IS))) ENERGY UNIVERSE ESTABLISHED [DLK -(fRL -RL- BLMC-LLmf)- understood] CAM=T ((Consciousness Activated Memory =produces= Thought)) technological scientific --experimental-- Consciousness Time-Stream EXPERIENTIAL Bose-Einstein Condensate [BEC] VERIFIED --universal life line-- REALIZATION unified knowledgeable UNDERSTANDING OF MAN'S ((individual--general)) COSMIC DEVELOPMENTAL ACTUALITY.
9. A CEMP ((Consciousness -Emotion- Memory and Personality)) conscious (subconscious and unconscious) developmental realization and understanding configured Life Force force field ~fractional memory field perspective~ ((consciousness mind-set thought awakened Mind Set awareness enlivened)) rational/rationale or and rationale/rational focused understanding of environmental actuality.
10. A multiple Reality Line --thermal looped half-life streaming-- Consciousness environmental -[multiple BLMC-LLmf life line universal]- mind-set (Mind Set) perspective Reality State peculiar awareness -recognition- acceptance or and acknowledgment of timely _here_ timeless 'now' ((Realization--Understanding)) focused genetic and epi-genetic developmental actuality.
11. Cognitive memory field developmental awareness enlivenment.
1. A THERMAL RIFT universal life line Reality Line multiple Reality State Reality Line ---SEQUENTIAL fractional Reality Line [fRL] by sequential fRL--- point -FIELD- flow and state established timely and timeless (('now' and _here_ ~perspective~ TIME LINE)) realization joined UNDERSTANDING OF Mankind's COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS continual continuous energy force looped ENVIRONMENTAL-REALITY.
2. A technological understanding of the universal life line nature natural -[~RTRL upstream perspective~]- continual continuous cosmic thermal reaction between The Reality Creation ('NOW') Transition State Pure Consciousness descriptive definitive Absolute Zero environmental reality -AND- Mankind's (((this))) our multiple Reality State Creation established Thermal Rift.
3. A universal life line Reality Line CREATION ESTABLISHED Absolute Zero continual continuous BEC Particle Wave half-life CONSCIOUSNESS WAVE -STREAM FLOW- FORCE AND LOOP ---Time Line multiple Reality State SEQUENTIAL--- FOCUSED ENVIRONMENTAL UNDERSTANDING OF MAN'S Fundamental timely Real Essential timeless True COSMIC DEVELOPMENTAL ACTUALITY.
4. A THERMAL RIFT universal life line Reality Line descriptive ---multiple Reality State environment and reality peculiar definitive--- CONSCIOUSNESS realization forged understanding of INDIVIDUAL Free Will Man's MINDBODY brainbody DEVELOPMENTAL Time Line [T-L] ESTABLISHED COSMIC ENVIRONMENTAL REALITY.
5. DLK'S Thermal Rift acknowledged Time Line recognition of Man's Essential 'now' timeless Fundamental _here_ timely Big Bang Creation or and Black Hole Creation and or Beginning Creation universal life line perpetual Consciousness half-life thermal streaming ---Activated Consciousness Memory [CAM] descriptive--- environmental reality awareness realization ~perspective~ understanding conceptualized as Universe and or Creator.
6. A DLK universal life line ENVIRONMENTAL-REALITY SEQUENTIAL ((fractional reality lined)) point --memory field-- and Reality State REFERENCE TO UNDERSTANDING OF MAN'S RTRL ~perspective~ upstream downstream NATURE--NATURAL Life Force brainbody--MINDBODY DEVELOPMENTAL LOOPED CONSCIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT...
.....BY WAY/MEAMS OF THE COSMIC multiple Reality State HEAT EXCHANGE -EFFECT- AND FLOW OF PURE ((Bose-Einstein BEC Particle Wave identified --- DLK universal life line THERMAL RIFT Absolute Zero DESCRIPTIVE DEFINITIVE)) CONSCIOUSNESS.
7. A brainbody Life Line memory field [LLmf] Life Force Mindbody ---universal life line Consciousness Environmental-Reality [E-R]--- multiple Reality State ---multiple fractional Reality Line--- multiple CAMV ((Consciousness Activated Memory Vehicle)) DNA-genetic epigenetic THERMAL RIFT EXPLORATORY ESTABLISHED FUNCTIONAL conscious Life Line DEVELOPMENTAL Time Line FOUNDATIONAL UNDERSTANDING OF UNIVERSE.
8. A fractional Reality Line [fRL] sequential Probable -Real- and Real Time Reality Actuality Set TIME LINE IDENTIFIED KNOWLEDGEABLE UNDERSTANDING OF MANKIND'S FOUR ((brainbody Mindbody descriptive definitive)) UNIVERSAL STATES OF DEVELOPMENTAL MEMORY ACTIVATED CONSCIOUS ACTUALITY EXISTENCE:
.....The Reality Creation Transition State --The Probable Reality State-- The Real Time Reality State and The Real Time Reality Set State.
(((i.e. Flatworld Reality entities)))
1. A general reference to Man's ((Human animal)) recognized developmental ancestors --- the common historical all to many whom generally ~perspective~ blindly assumed -believed- that their water rich world was ((be)) flat...
.....That their sun or and the Universe itself --- rationale rationally revolved around [i.e. orbits--orbited] their piecemeal --planetary assumptive understood-- environmental reality.
2. A specific reference to Mankind's Human recognized "persons" ---the all-together irrational unenlightened cosmic environmental [reality] ignorant--- THE DEVELOPMENTAL CONFUSED --- THE LOST.!.
.....Whom can't don't or won't accept that science and religion are two sides of the same coin --- developmental Free Will timely and timeless Consciousness Time-Stream realization and understanding.
3. A general and specific 'Family Reality' reference to True Man's Mindbody descriptive Life Force definitive Reinforcement Process unacknowledged...
.....The all to many individual and general individual responsibility undecided ---MANKIND'S RECOGNIZABLE UNACKNOWLEDGED--- having little or no serious (([Survival Serious])) fundamental Real life line experiential established realization and or understanding of their own basic nature--natural brainbody--Mindbody life line Free Will functional cosmic continual--continuous True developmental probable and actual {actuality established and set} Environmental--Reality.
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